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I really appreciate all your help and everything you’ve done for my father and I and supporting us and working with us through all the aspects of his guardianship.

Tonisha P.

Your handling of our parents estate was nothing short of stellar. Myself and my brothers, Fil and Geoff, were blessed to have found you and sought your counsel.

Lisa D.

You are seriously the most amazing person in the world. I seriously don’t know what I would do with it you!


I just wanted to reach out and let you that how much I appreciate your help and kindness throughout this entire process. It was a pleasure meeting you today and it means the world to me how sympathetic and kindhearted you were. Thank you again for everything. God bless!

Stephanie T.

I retained David in order to marshal my aunt and my mother’s estates and qualify them for Medicaid so I could placed them in a nursing home.

I am a retired attorney but was not aware of the legal requirements and unusual legal avenues to accomplish the above.

During my first meeting with David he explained to me the Florida Medicaid regulations in their minute details and his explanations and professionalism infused in me a total trust for him.

He went as far as going with me to the nursing home where my aunt was recovering from an injury in order to explain to her what he was trying to accomplish and then his capable staff went to see my aunt in order to execute the proper documentation. This brought out David’s caring for the less fortunate and his unbelievable human decency.

In the end all that we set out to accomplish was successfully brought to be and I have no words to thank David, Kathy, and other members of his staff that so diligently and patiently took me through this and the follow up work that ensued.

Now I not only have an attorney but I also made some new friends.

I would have no hesitation to recommend David and his capable staff to anyone needing help in his areas of expertise.


We have used David for two familys and could not be more pleased!!! The man has a wealth of knowledge that is unbelievable. We are more than pleased.
Jim M.

I definitely recommend David Jacoby. He listened to our problems dealing with our mom who needed long term care and immediately had solutions for us. His staff was so helpful and knowledgeable in keeping track and working with us to get all the paperwork needed so that we could get our mom taken care of. Thank you to the entire Jacoby team for being there for our family. – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Bonnie C.

Elder Law Advocate David H. Jacoby, P.A. has kindly made himself available to help us on short notice more than once, for timely counsel regarding Dad’s estate planning and an urgent Medicaid application. He brings a broad range of specialties to the equation causing us to come away from the table feeling comforted, confident and encouraged. Thank you Mr. Jacoby for all you’ve done to help us care for Dad in the best possible way. He’s worked hard his whole life, usually with multiple jobs at one time, and now when he’s 93, knowing you are in our corner to help us navigate the complex and confusing regulations and applications to ensure he is well cared for has been, and continues to be, an incredible blessing. We are so thankful for you.

Lynda H.

I am so glad l chose to go with David Jacoby as my attorney. This firm is so very helpful l was never left out in any situation. Kathy Smeltz was there for me through the whole process getting my husband on Medicaid. If you’re looking for the best attorney don’t look any further.

Karen S.

The best in Elder Law planning in the entire Melbourne Florida area by far and his staff, particularly Ms. K. Clark is very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Their entire team is the Best by Far in their area of practice!!!
Philip W.

Eldercare feels so complicated to the average person. What a relief to have someone to turn to that has the answers and leads the way. Mr. Jacoby and his support staff are warm and friendly and make the difficult easy. They lead you step by step which was so needed.
Caroline M.

Great attorney, he is a great person to deal with, he gives you tons of information.
Elizabeth C.

I really enjoy working with David. I have never worked with a lawyer that was so quick to get back with me. He is amazing that way! He is incredibly knowledgeable and very dedicated to those he helps. I appreciate him immensely and would not hesitate to refer him! 

David Jacoby help me with my mother and father’s estate and my aunt’s estate as well. I can’t say enough about his character. He is very caring, compassionate, helpful, knowledgeable and a honest man. He treats you like family. His staff have always been helpful, personal and eager to accommodate my needs. I found myself in a position I had no knowledge of and he guided me every step of the way with patience and understanding. If you are looking for an attorney to look out for you, call David Jacoby you won’t be disappointed. 
Linda H.

Mr. Jacoby and his staff are excellent! They helped us navigate all the requirements of obtaining power of attorney and medical surrogacy for my mother. Thank you David and team. 
Nan D.

Mr. Jacoby’s knowledge, acumen, and caring manner is outstanding. His staff is very professional and personable as well. He guided me through very difficult circumstances with excellent outcomes. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. 
Vincent A.

My husband and I set up our estate with David .He was so easy to work with. David Jacoby is one of the few lawyers that is honest, helpful ,and caring. His passion is helping others. When you get to the point in your life that you need a great lawyer to walk you through the details of your estate contact David Jacoby he will take care of you just like he has helped so many of our family set up there’s. 
Olivia H.

Fast, easy, fair price! Mr Jacoby & Paul helped me & my family with all our final preparations needs. Wonderfully kind & caring. -Ronda K.
Ronda K.

I am very thankful for placing my trust in David H Jacoby and Kathy Smeltz, his Medicaid Assistant.

David and Kathy were extremely helpful guiding my family through each step along a most challenging medical and financial path.  They worked tirelessly and patiently with me; clearly explaining what documents were needed for us to proceed in a timely manner.

What was most amazing was that Kathy Smeltz traveled outside her office; she was at my side to explain and get new documents signed by my bedridden brother at a Nursing Home.  I would highly recommend this Law Office. 


I highly recommend David Jacoby. Mr. Jacoby and his staff are excellent! They helped me navigate all the requirements of obtaining power of attorney and medical surrogacy. for my mother. Kathy was very kind and responsive, she promptly returned calls and answered all my questions. I don’t know what I would do without them. 
Lavinia M.

I contacted David in late August 2019 to inquire how to have my 94 year old mother be able to receive long term nursing care. He met with me on the same day and explained the process of obtaining Medicaid approval. On September 1st my mother entered a long term facility after having met with Karen (David’s legal assistant) who processed all the necessary forms, worked with the facility and obtained from Medicaid approval. We could not have navigated the process without the help of David’s firm. Thanks to him and Karen for a great job!
Bob F.

My experience with the David Jacoby Law Firm was unbelievable. They helped us with our elderly aunt prior to going into a nursing home. We knew nothing about the process and had no idea where to start. They were right there beside us the whole way. The whole office was nothing but kind and helpful but there was one special employee who went above and beyond to help us. Kathy S is the kindest, most patient and encouraging person that we have ever had the privilege to know. She personally helped us through a difficult situation and was always there to offer encouragement with a cheerful attitude and friendly voice.  She encouraged me when I was discouraged.   I always looked forward to calling her with the news that I had completed a step in the process. She always got so excited when I made progress and had something new to report. I now consider her my friend am forever grateful to her and the David Jacoby Law Firm. 
Ellen and Paul W.

“David and his assistant, Niki, were outstanding. They help me and my family navigate through a difficult probate process and were always there for us!”

Kevin V.

“David Jacoby and his associates handled my mother getting qualified for Medicaid and were so helpful in all of our dealings with all agencies involved. We could not have done it (and kept our sanity) without them! I would highly recommend them! Thank you David for all your hard work!”

Denise C.

I want to express my sincere thanks to David and his associates. He helped my mother, my sister and me with all our legal issues. His firm has kept us fully informed about and throughout the different areas of our lives. Thank you and we will be in touch when our family needs an excellent law firm again. 

Jacqueline F.

“Five STARS without doubt. The Jacoby Firm was there for us every step of the process, beginning to end. Special thanks to Margot Cronk for all her hard work and support.”

Richard B.

“David and his team have been amazing! From the moment I first talked with David, he took on my problem and crafted a solution that has worked perfectly for our family. Moreover, his team has been incredibly responsive and available for multiple engagements, deep dives into data, and complex strategy discussions as we worked to craft the best solution for our situation. They are the best and if I could give 10-stars, I would do it!

We were in crisis mode. Dad had advanced Parkinsons and Mom was in a major car accident and I lived out of town. David and his team helped me immensely to get Mom and Dad access to Medicaid support in record time. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently it all worked! Moreover, David’s deep expertise and strategic acumen helped me put in place all the right tools to provide and protect our family for the long term. They were always available to me and their counsel was always spot on!

David’s team of support staff is incredible! When I was trying to wade through hundreds of documents and processes, they came along side and helped me get all the documentation in order to get the support my parent’s needed. Whenever I had a question, they were responsive. Their counsel and guidance was always superb. I am so glad I found David and his team. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

Mark B.

“We have the utmost respect for David Jacoby and his Associates. They did an outstanding job helping us with a very difficult Guardianship and Estate Closing. I would like to especially acknowledge Nicole Taylor and Ashley Russell who both stayed on top of the mountain of paperwork that was required to finalize these cases. David helped us well before this became a Guardianship matter and then an Estate matter by trying to set up alternative avenues for my Mother’s Estate Planning before it became a court matter. “

Edward J.

“Long term care can be a very scary issue to handle if you are not sure of what you are doing. I was going through that for my mother’s care. Fortunately, I had a meeting with Attorney David Jacoby and all my fears were put to ease. Attorney David Jacoby handled all my mother’s issues and took the weight of the world off my shoulders. I found Attorney David Jacoby and staff to be professional, compassionate and easily accessible.”

Dawn C.

“I am truly grateful to Mr. Jacoby for his knowledge in Medicaid process. He and his assistants are very helpful and made me comfortable when they explained what was to be done. It made me feel free to ask questions. I am grateful to you and your staff, I wouldn’t know what to do without having you and your professional staff.”

Germaine M.

“They were very patient with me. I was very pleased with the entire process of doing business with David Jacoby and his staff. I have given his name to a number of people.”

Thomas A.

“I’m unable to answer many of the questions, as my mom passed away before we were able to proceed with the Medicare application. Thank you.

Bonnie B.

“Thank you for all your help. You have a wonderful and caring staff.”

Mary M.

“My mother passed before we could fully realize the benefits. Your office did a good job up until then.”

Robert C.

“The entire staff is ready to help and it made it easy to understand the procedure of Medicaid. My husband was able to receive great care in his nursing home. The paralegal are wonderful and right there to help with any questions or needs. David Jacoby has so much knowledge and is so caring. I am very grateful to him.”


“David Jacoby was just starting to go into Medicaid law full-time. I believe it was 1999 when I needed assistance for my mother. I have and will continue to recommend David Jacoby to others who need his help. Thank you.”

Gretchen H.

“Nothing but praise for Mr. Jacoby + staff. They helped every step of the way and when we met with the Medicaid officers they were with us and had the answers to their questions. Plus, they saved my mother quite a bit of money in the process.”

Jack M.

“During the illness and death of my husband, David Jacoby was the greatest help and I couldn’t have made it without his help. Always a pleasure and ready to help. I’d recommend him to anyone needing help in the field.” – Thanks


“Thank you for all your help while going through such a difficult time!”

Diane, Joan, and Billy S.

“Thank you, Mr. Jacoby, for all that you have done.”

“We feel very fortunate to have benefited from David’s expertise when we really needed it. His advice and support of his professional staff made a very difficult and emotional period in our lives doable. It gave us the “education” we needed to fulfill the wishes of our loved ones.”

“I have had an still have a very good and excellent appreciation of this firm. I have referred others to this attorney and still will refer clients. You were very helpful and always available. Thank you for being there and all of your staff was the greatest. Thank you.”

Anne C.

“I was certainly pleased with Mr. Jacoby’s assistance with my dad’s financial matters. He saved us a lot of headaches and money.”

Canoy S..

“I knew the result would be beneficial by having Mr. Jacoby. However, there were times when the process was confusing on the subject matter the state requires for Medicaid.”

“I live in New York and needed to set up my mother in an nursing home and apply for Medicaid while maintaining my business. David Jacoby and his staff saved my life. They are the finest group of people and professionals I have ever worked with. They were on top of our case at every turn and solved all the issues that came up. Everyone at the firm I helpful and pleasant. If they worked with you, you will be very pleased.”

Sincerely, Wendy F.

“I only wish they would move to NY – I have many referrals!”

“Medicaid and the laws associated with Medicaid are complicated and cumbersome to someone who doesn’t deal with it frequently. Your office staff’s guidance through this process was much appreciated. The staff’s kindness and compassion was much appreciated. Additionally, the business ethics of the office are top notch. Thank you all for helping our family deal with this process.”

“I believe Mr. Jacoby to be very sincere and concerned with my individual situations and challenges, and worked patiently until each was satisfactorily resolved ñ and I completely understood the process.”

We had our will and trust docs updated there. No probs. 
James C.

“David H. Jacoby is the best attorney in the world!! I really, really mean it. He is a genius in the field and I would recommend him in every instance of Medicaid planning. Not only is he capable, but he is a caring and compassionate human being. He was there for me from probate to Medicaid. He also got a favorable ruling for me when I field for guardianship fees, etc. He is the BEST!!”


Barbara M.

“David was very creative and flexible within the bounds of the law. He was knowledgeable and patient through the process. Lori was extremely helpful.”


“I would highly recommend Mr. Jacoby!”


“David, you are the best and I would tell anyone about you.”


Phyllis B.

“The Paralegals are extremely helpful and always returned my calls promptly. We couldn’t have done it without their help after the initial visit with Mr. Jacoby. Thank you for all your help.”


“I worked with a paralegal that was so helpful and knowledgeable. She must have devoted her time to me only. I was happy that I engaged David Jacoby’s firm to assist me with my application to Medicaid. I could not have completed all the paperwork that had to be sent to Medicaid without their help. I recommend them highly.


Mildred G.

“Whenever a question came up, David H. Jacoby was there to answer it.”


“Mr. Jacoby was most helpful in expediting our urgent request. He was also very responsive when I ran into problems with the Medicaid office. It was a very positive and successful experience.”


“He was a great help.”


“Very professional! They were able to direct me in choosing the qualities to look for in a nursing home. Because of their help, I was able to get my mother into a highly rated facility. I feel that their help enabled me to go thru the process a lot quicker and easier than I would have be able to do on my own.  They also assisted me in obtaining Medicaid Assistance. Again, quicker and easier than I could possibly do alone.

They still continue to follow up on my case and all inquiries are answered within a day or so. Having gone through this process, I would never recommend trying it on your own.”

Ronald L.

“I could not have taken care of my mother’s affairs and gotten her on Medicaid without the help and guidance of David Jacoby and his staff. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time.”

“Explained procedures thoroughly and in “Plain English”. High regards and continued business.”

Janet F.

“I considered myself extremely fortunate to attend a seminar conducted by attorney Jacoby and by using the legal services regarding Medicaid that he and his staff assisted me with. I highly recommend Mr. Jacoby, and have on many occasions. I feel like he was my saving grace in a very tumultuous time in my life dealing with my husband’s illness, obtaining Medicaid, and all other legal services he performed. David Jacoby is one of the only attorneys I know who actually listens to you and your problem and then advises you how to solve your legal issues in a timely, caring, knowledgeable way.”


Eileen M.

“My daughter was with me sometimes, but when she wasn’t we found it very helpful to conference her in by phone. All in all it was a positive experience.”


“We were very satisfied with the services of the firm. If not for your help, the health system would have gone through my mother’s meager savings in two months, leaving nothing for unforeseen expenses or for funeral expenses.”


“I have already recommended David Jacoby to a half dozen of my friends and acquaintances and they have given me positive feedback.”

“I could never have gotten through the first months without all of you. My deep appreciation to all.”

“Mr. Jacoby and staff were very helpful and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.”

Marilyn G.

“I and my wife were very satisfied with the help and advice that Mr. Jacoby and his staff provided for us. I also know if my mother were still alive that she would personally thank him. I would certainly recommend to anyone.”

P.S. Mr. Jacoby explained in layman language that I could easily understand.

Herbert W.

“David – many, many thanks.”

Bob L.

“I was so grateful that attorney Jacoby and his associates had a Medicaid seminar that my husband and I attended because we learned several things that the Medicaid people and nursing home personnel do not tell you about.”

“David Jacoby was both forthright and straightforward in his information disbursement.”

“Whenever I would receive a letter and didn’t understand it, they were always quick to respond and explain it. I’m very pleased with their service.”

“I first thought the fee was high, but after the amount of work involved, I felt it was a fair price.”

“I could not have coped with this process without the assistance and counseling given to me at Mr. Jacoby’s law office.”