“I retained David in order to marshal my aunt and my mother’s estates and qualify them for Medicaid so I could placed them in a nursing home. I am a retired attorney but was not aware of the legal requirements and unusual legal avenues to accomplish the above.
During my first meeting with David he explained to me the Florida Medicaid regulations in their minute details and his explanations and professionalism infused in me a total trust for him. He went as far as going with me to the nursing home where my aunt was recovering from an injury in order to explain to her what he was trying to accomplish and then his capable staff went to see my aunt in order to execute the proper documentation. This brought out David’s caring for the less fortunate and his unbelievable human decency. In the end all that we set out to accomplish was successfully brought to be and I have no words to thank David, Kathy, and other members of his staff that so diligently and patiently took me through this and the follow up work that ensued. Now I not only have an attorney but I also made some new friends. I would have no hesitation to recommend David and his capable staff to anyone needing help in his areas of expertise.”