As hurricane season rolls in, there is no such thing as being too careful. If you worry about the safety of elderly or disabled people in your life, it may be wise to take stock of their health needs well before the disaster is imminent. Have you considered that individuals with underlying medical issues, disabilities, or special needs will require extra support during these times? They may not be able to manage an extended lockdown or evacuation on their own. 

Major storms add to the complexities we already face with COVID-19. For seniors, the risk is much higher, as many will have to rely on others to help them. Let us address some tips to help you better care for the seniors in your life during hurricane season:

1. Review Insurance Documents. Be sure all policies are current and updated to reflect current coverage needs. Go through items of value in the home and make an inventory, with photographs so you are ready should you need to make a claim. Gather all paperwork, make photocopies as well as digital copies, and keep a full set in a sealed, waterproof container, along with all relevant phone numbers. 

2. Check The Integrity Of The Home. Have the home inspected by a professional who can assess the strength and integrity of window and door seals, hurricane shutters, roof, and the basement. If any repairs or updates are needed, have them done as soon as possible. 

3. Know Where to Go For Information. If you use technology, the Red Cross offers several smartphone apps to help you access real-time information on storms, evacuation orders, and local shelters. Their hurricane app is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets and will help you stay in touch with your loved ones and access the information you need to stay safe in any event. If you do not use a smartphone, make a list of all local emergency numbers, including your doctor, pharmacy, neighbors, and closest family members. 

These are just a few ways to help you prepare for the coming hurricane season. If you have any safety or health concerns about a senior in your life, contact our office today.