It’s never too early for Florida seniors to plan for hurricane season.

From June 1st through November 30th, the Florida peninsula is at risk of being battered by the massive storms.

While this comes as no surprise to Floridians, unfortunately, Florida seniors are particularly vulnerable to their effects. High-winds, flooding, and torrential rains can cause widespread damage and loss of life. Prolonged power outages and contaminated water supplies also wreak havoc after a hurricane passes. 

Often, being prepared is the best way to cope with any sort of hurricane related issues you may face.

Let us share with you four basic tips for Florida seniors to use to remain safe during a Florida hurricane right here in our blog.

1. Teamwork. Meet in advance with family members, friends, and neighbors, and come up with a plan. How could you work together to prepare for a hurricane? What would you do after a hurricane passes? Talk about any physical limitations and health issues, and make sure others are aware of unique situations, like pets or mobility issues. 

2. Communication. Communication can allow others to know where you are, and if you need help. Keep a laminated list of emergency numbers and contact information of your trusted hurricane-team in your wallet or purse. Make sure to put an out-of-town person on the list. Reaching someone from an unaffected area is often easier than reaching someone nearby in post-hurricane conditions. 

3. Disaster Plan. Get familiar with your community’s emergency services. Where are the evacuation centers? What transportation services are offered? If you live in an assisted living facility or retirement community, what are the disaster procedures there? Knowing your options can give you confidence in your decision should the time come to act. 

4. Exit Routes and Meeting Places. Explore exit routes and plan ideal ways to evacuate from your home. If your health is at risk from potentially losing air conditioning or electricity, then do not wait until a hurricane is bearing down to get the help you need. Plan to get to a safe place quickly. If you cannot return home due to road closures or unsafe conditions, then pre-plan a meeting place for friends and family to find you. Consider putting the exit plan on paper, and practice several times a year. 

We know this article may raise more questions than it answers. Do not wait to ask us your questions on this or any Florida-related elder care issue. We are here for you as your local community law firm and ready to assist with your needs on this or any elder care issue.