Did your aging parents retire to the state of Florida? Are you aware that it is now hurricane season? Are your aging parents aware of the importance of safety, security, and preparedness at this time? Hurricanes not only pose risks of personal injury but can also lead to home damage, potentially leaving seniors trapped and cut off from vital resources. So to help your aging parents navigate this season successfully, consider implementing these three suggestions with your parents to keep them protected and well-prepared:

1. Assist your aging parents in creating a comprehensive plan. In the face of a potential hurricane, having a well-thought-out plan is crucial. Do not let your aging parents wait until the last minute but be sure they are equipped with a comprehensive plan that outlines what steps to take in case of emergency.  Be sure they have open lines of communication with any family members or friends who live nearby. If a hurricane makes landfall in the vicinity of your parents they need to know their evacuation route, mode of transportation, and who they can rely on for transportation if needed. They need to have a readily accessible record of important contact information to reach out to emergency contacts efficiently.

2. Assist your aging parents with being prepared now rather than later. Neither your aging parents nor you should procrastinate when it comes to hurricane preparation and being over-prepared is good. Help your aging parents put together a travel bag in advance containing essentials such as clothing and several days’ worth of medications. This precaution ensures that they are ready to leave at a moment’s notice without compromising their well-being.

3. Assist your aging parents in building a comprehensive emergency kit. If your aging parents are staying in their home during a hurricane they need to be sure to have a well-equipped emergency kit. The kit should have a three-day supply of essentials like bottled water, non-perishable canned foods, a can opener, candles, strike-anywhere matches, flashlights, and an ample supply of batteries. Be sure your aging parents request additional refills of their daily medications and have an emergency contact list printed and readily available for quick reference.

As your aging parents prepare for hurricane season, are you sure they have up-to-date Florida estate planning documents. Their originals need to be safely stored in a waterproof and fireproof container. Their Florida estate plan should include important documents like wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and health care directives. Your aging parents should consider having digital copies stored securely in the cloud, ensuring that these critical documents remain accessible regardless of the physical circumstances.

By using these hurricane preparedness recommendations your aging parents can stay safe and comfortable during storm season. Keep in mind that preparation is a continual process, and taking the initiative to plan ahead will empower your aging parents to navigate challenging situations with confidence. While it is hoped that the hurricane season may pass without any significant impact, having your aging parents prepared remains a valuable and proactive approach.  If your aging parents require further assistance or have inquiries, do not hesitate to have them reach out to our office. Their safety and well-being are important and remember that our office is here to provide guidance and answer any questions you or your aging parents may have.

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