As you grow older are you finding that things you normally do each day are harder to do? Do you sometimes forget to take your medicine or take a shower? Is it harder to fix your meals or even think about what you need from the store? Have you noticed more and more of your family and friends have either moved or passed away? Is it time to come to terms with the idea of needing to look into assisted living arrangements?

As you come to terms with the idea of assisted living, what is the purpose of an assisted living facility? It is to provide adults with the assistance they need with activities of daily living. What are activities of daily living? Some activities of daily living are bathing, dressing, and medication management. The goal for the assisted living facility, though, is to allow the residents to maintain as much independence as possible. In addition, assisted living facilities also provide social and recreational activities, housekeeping, and meals. They are designed for seniors or people with disabilities who may not need the level of care provided in a nursing home but still require some assistance with daily tasks.

There are factors you should consider when trying to come to terms in regard to whether it is time to move into assisted living, including:

  • You are concerned because you find that your once simple daily activities are difficult. For example, you are having difficulty with basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, and cooking. It may be time to consider assisted living.
  • You are concerned because you have become afraid that you will be alone if you need help. Now that you are at risk of falling or have other safety concerns, assisted living can provide a safer environment.
  • You are concerned because most of your family and friends cannot visit and you are very lonely. An assisted living facility can provide opportunities for socialization and activities, which will be beneficial for you so that you are no longer isolated at home.
  • You are concerned because your health is not good. If you have chronic health conditions that require frequent monitoring or assistance with medication, assisted living may be a good option.

As you come to terms with the fact that you should consider moving into an assisted living facility we highly recommend that you meet with a qualified and experienced Florida elder law attorney. He can help you with long-term care planning to help you look at your finances and pay the costs of an assisted living facility.

We know this article may raise more questions than it answers. At David H. Jacoby Elder Law Advocate, P. A., we are focused on providing thorough, ethical, and timely solutions for our clients and their loved ones. We encourage you to contact us and schedule a meeting with us.