Does choosing a local estate planning attorney who can help you create an estate plan seem like an overwhelming task. With these tips, it can be easy to narrow your choices to a few qualified attorneys. Let us discuss a list of four resources for finding an estate planning attorney near you.

1. Contact the State or Local Bar Association. State and local bar associations offer referral services or a searchable directory of attorneys with their practice areas. These services can make choosing a local estate planning attorney near you much easier. There are also many online rating platforms for attorneys, so you can compare what past clients say about the attorneys on your list.

2. Ask Your Financial Advisor or Accountant for Recommendations. Estate planning can be a critical part of financial planning. If your financial advisor or accountant has not already brought up estate planning, tell them that you are trying to choose a local estate planning attorney, and ask them for their recommendation.

3. Ask Other Attorneys. You may have already worked with an attorney on another matter, such as setting up a business, buying a home, or reviewing a contract. Lawyers are often happy to refer their clients to other lawyers who practice in other areas of expertise, and they want to refer you to good attorneys so that you will trust them again when you next need assistance. Ask your former attorney who did his or her estate plan, using this advice might help you choose a local estate planning attorney who is a good fit for you.

4. Ask Your Friends for Referrals. While a staggering number of people do not have estate plans, there are also many people who do have estate plans, as well. Ask your friends if they have a will or a trust, and if so, who the attorney was that drafted it. Let friends know that you want to choose a local estate planning attorney, so you want to know if they worked with a great attorney.

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