Medical alert systems are emergency technologies that facilitate medical assistance during a health crisis.

These tools are well-suited for seniors due to elevated risks of accidents and health concerns. Most of the systems simply require seniors to wear a necklace or bracelet that contains an emergency call button. When pressed, the device emits a signal alerting an emergency care operator that the senior user needs help. 

Are you concerned about your aging parents? Have there been recent falls or increased health concerns?

Let us share five specific reasons to purchase a medical alert system for an aging parent in our article.

1. They Live Alone. Living alone can present an obvious risk. Consider this reality: If something were to happen, such as an accident or injury, there’s no one there to help. A medical alert system not only provides a reliable safety net, but it has the added effect of allowing elder seniors to live more independently. 

2. Frailty. Advanced age can entail diminished physical capabilities. Seniors who are physically frail may lack the strength to remain balanced in certain situations, and causing them to fall in their own homes. This is of particular concern when combined with poor eyesight and home hazards, like throw rugs and clutter. 

3. Medications. Seniors who take medications with adverse side effects may also benefit from an alert system. Medicines causing drowsiness, dizziness or imbalance are known to contribute to falling events, which often result in broken hips and head injuries. In these scenarios, every second counts.

4. No One Nearby to Help. If a senior lives alone, or if their loved ones live far away, a medical alert system may be critical. Home-bound seniors may best rely on systems designed for in-home use, while healthier, more active seniors could benefit from mobile alert systems with near-unlimited connectivity due to mobile cellular networks, similar to smart phones. 

5. Peace of Mind. It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience anxiety about their physical and cognitive limitations. Family members may experience their own worries about whether a senior loved one is safe. In either case, a medical alert system tailored to the senior’s unique needs can provide a reliable safety net and engender confidence.

This National Medical Alert System Month, do not wait to have this conversation with your aging parents. It is never too early to consider which company might best serve your parents’ needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions on this or any elder care issue.