Did you know that May is Older Americans Month? It is a month dedicated to celebrating our seniors and raising awareness about the issues most meaningful to them and impactful on them. If you are one of the 41.1 million Americans who provides care for an older family member or friend, the issues important to seniors are likely issues that are important to you as well. Being a caregiver can be overwhelming and all-consuming at times. Let us review 3 resources that you should be sure to consult to provide you with support when you are providing care to your senior loved one.

  1. National Alliance for Caregiving. The NAC works to increase awareness of issues related to family caregiving and analyzes policies and legislation to advocate for caregivers to have the rights and support necessary to enable them to continue providing this essential care to our seniors.
  2. National Council on Aging. This organization can be another great resource for caregivers as it provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics relevant to caring for our seniors.
  3. National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. It can be important for caregivers to remember that they can and should enlist the help of an elder law attorney to help ensure a senior loved one has a plan in place to protect assets and provide for long-term care for the future. While you as the caregiver may focus on making sure your loved one’s daily needs are met, an elder law attorney can create a plan specifically designed to meet your loved one’s long-term goals regarding care and estate planning.

For more caregiver resources as well as assistance in navigating elder law issues, our office is available to help. Please contact us to set up an appointment.