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Nursing Home and Medicaid Planning

Do you or your loved one need 24 hour assistance in a skilled care facility? We can help you through this difficult time.


Is your loved one able to make decisions or is there a question of competency? Do you have effective legal documents in place? Or is it time to discuss guardianship?

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Long Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Insurance is great if you have it. That said, most people do not have this type of insurance. Do you know how you will afford good care in Florida? We can help.

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A Look Into Our Long Term Care Answer Handbook

We provide answers to all your questions about long term care. Want more answers from us? You can click here to read more in our Long Term Care Answer Book..

How much does Long-Term Care cost?
Nursing homes generally cost approximately $7,000 per month. Assisted Living typically costs between $2,000 and $5,500 per month based on the services provided. Home health care provided by a certified nursing assistant typically costs $12-$22 per hour.
If I have long-term care insurance, am I still eligible to receive Medicaid benefits or VA Aid and Attendance benefits?
Yes. Benefits paid from a Long-Term Care insurance policy are considered income for both Medicaid and VA Programs.
Can I “save” my benefits under my Long-Term Care insurance policy for later, and apply for Medicaid now?
No. Medicaid is a benefit of last resort, so you must apply for any and all benefits you may be entitled to at the time you are applying for Medicaid benefits.
Is there an income limit to be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits?
There is a gross monthly income cap in Florida, but exceeding the gross monthly income does not make an individual ineligible to receive Medicaid benefits. If the gross monthly income cap is exceeded by the Medicaid applicant, a special Medicaid Trust is needed.

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